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Edited By Andrew Carroll

Foreword by Marian Wright Edelman

Timeless. Powerful. Intimate. Unforgettable. Letters of a Nation is the most comprehensive collection of American letters ever assembled, featuring over 200 extraordinary letters - many published here for the first time - by presidents, slaves, soldiers, explorers, writers, revolutionaries, Native Americans, artists, religious and civil rights leaders, and Americans from all walks of life.

Spanning more than 350 years of American culture and history, from the first pilgrims to present day correspondents, these letters cover the full spectrum of human emotion and experience. We read eyewitness accounts of great political upheaval and social protest. We discover the private fears of the famous and hear the public defiance of the infamous. We are reminded of the horrors of war and the sacrifices of those who valiantly served their country. We learn of the importance of faith in desperate times and the power of mercy and compassion to better the lives of others. Ultimately, we find letters of passion and heartache, contest and surrender, insult and regret, love and courage, hope and humor.

Among many correspondences, Letters of a Nation includes: General William T. Sherman telling the citizens of Atlanta why he is going to destroy their city; the father of a murder victim pleading to the governor to spare the life of his son's killer; Malcolm X explaining to his followers why he now considers whites to be his brothers, too; Elvis Presley asking President Richard M. Nixon if he can help fight drug abuse in America; a death row prisoner, hours before his execution, saying good bye to his family; Eleanor Roosevelt imporing her husband to end segregation in the armed forces; Harry S. Truman defending his use of the atomic bomb; Benjamin Franklin recommending to a young friend the eight reasons why he should date older women; and Amelia Earhart telling her parents not to worry if she should die during one of her flights.

The heartfelt and engaging letters included in this collection reveal the rich and diverse soul of the American people and celebrate the simple yet lasting art of letter writing.

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